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Ethnic Studies and Education Sciences Double Major

A first-generation college student from the San Leandro, California in the Bay Area, Marco-Landon likes to play volleyball and enjoys indoor gardening and growing plants.

Why UC San Diego
Marco-Landon was initially drawn to UC San Diego because of the support services offered to students while transitioning into freshman year. Through the Summer Bridge program, he went from being completely unfamiliar with the college process to immersing himself in campus life and the higher education system. 
Why Ethnic Studies
During a high school history class, Marco-Landon realized teachers can go beyond their roles as educators and can be influential figures in students’ lives. That class, "War and Peace: Unique Histories," made him realize that teaching holds great power and impact. So, he decided to become an Ethnic Studies and Education Sciences double major with a minor in History. Marco-Landon describes Ethnic Studies as “more action-based and less theoretical” than traditional history.
Plans after graduation
Developing teacher-student connections has been the basis of Marco-Landon’s passion for education. He plans to continue his love of history by becoming a high school history teacher after he obtains a master’s degree in teaching. He said that after teaching for a decade or so, he’d love to return to school and get a Ph.D. When asked what his ultimate career goal is, Marco-Landon shared his dream of one day becoming the Secretary of Education.