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Staff Resources

Conference Room Reservations

Room calendars and reservation information for spaces managed by the Social Sciences Dean's Office.


Resources by Area

See below for links to School of Social Sciences' shared drives and other information by area.
Shared drives are open to members only; access with your UCSD Google account. 

Academic Personnel


Financial Affairs Community of Practice (FACOP) Shared Drive

Concur Routing:

  • Special Entertainment Approver: Route to Nieves Rankin
  • If payee is Chair/Program Director: Route to Natalie Wolfe for Fin Unit/Department Head
  • Backup Financial Unit or Department Head Approver: Route to Natalie Wolfe (for ex., if dept approver is on extended leave or position is vacant)


Human Resources

Human Resources Community of Practice Shared Drive

JDOnline Routing:

Routing Order

  • Recruit/Replace Same Title

  • Minor Updates Only, No Title Review
  • New Position

  • Reclass

  • Add/Remove Supervisor Designation




HR Contact
(if different from preparer)



Position Supervisor



Endorser: Dept MSO
(if not already included in 1-3)



Endorser: Julia Ng


Endorser: Natalie Wolfe


Endorser: Nieves Rankin


Endorser: Mel Chiles


Submitter: Lucy Laguna



Request to Recruit Staff Positions:

For NEW career positions, approval to recruit is required. Submit this form to request a new position (you must be logged in to your UCSD Google account).

Additionally, units in deficit must submit a position request for all potential recruitments.

Note: For units not in overall deficit, recruit to replace career, STE's, and Dual Appointments do not require prior approval. Proceed with your HireOnline req for turnover and limited appointments.


Staff Recruitment Offers:

Obtain Rate Approval

Forward the application package for your candidate and the title of the position to Julia Ng (backup routing: Natalie Wolfe).

Include your requested salary and justification (which should include salary analysis using the Equity Module), except for the following series:

  • Academic Personnel
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Analyst
  • Student Services Advising

For these series, the Dean's Office will complete the salary analysis using the application and the campus compensation models for the requested title.

Once rate is approved, route in HireOnline for official offer approval:

  1. Position Supervisor
  2. Dept MSO (if not already on routing)
  3. Endorser Julia Ng (backup Natalie Wolfe)

If rate is above mid-point/change on lateral transfer/other exceptional request, add:

  1. Endorser Natalie Wolfe
  2. Endorser Mel Chiles

Student Affairs