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450Alexandra Sarkis

Political Science Major

Alexandra grew up in Chula Vista, California. She is the daughter of two immigrants: her mother is from Mexico and her father from Egypt. Growing up by the border and in a multi-ethnic household, she was able to obtain a global perspective at a young age. Aside from studying, Alexandra likes to work out and do Zumba, yoga and Pilates.

Why UC San Diego
Alexandra chose UC San Diego because it offered her the most financial aid and had a reputation as a very strong university, especially it the Political Science field. Growing up in nearby Chula Vista, she said that living on campus provided her a sense of independence living away from her parents, while being in a safe environment where she can try new things.

Why Poltical Science
While her dad encouraged Alexandra to become a doctor, she found her AP Biology course in high school to be much less enjoyable than her AP Spanish Literature and AP U.S. Government classes. In AP Spanish Literature, she read about a dictatorship in Latin America, which sparked her interest in government and politics. Additionally, by taking AP Government the year of the 2016 election, her class involved following current events, watching all of the debates, and hosting a local senator who offered the opportunity to intern with them. Alexandra jumped at the opportunity, learning a lot about how legislation is created and passed and the interactions between different interest groups within the government, but still had further questions about how politics works. A quick Google search later, she declared a Political Science major. Her interest in politics centers around the Constitution and how people’s rights have been contested. Through the Krinsk-Houston Law and Politics Initiative, she has taken pre-law courses, a highlight being a Constitutional Law class, and has been able to meet with seasoned lawyers and participate in workshops relating to the court system’s involvement in civil liberties.

Plans after graduation
After graduation, Alexandra plans to attend law school. Her goal is to become either an immigration attorney or provide legal services to individuals in low-income services, a way to give back to her home city of Chula Vista.