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The Robert S. Koenigsberger / Gramercy Fellowships

Originally a management science major at UC San Diego, Robert S. Koenigsberger, ’87, became hooked on the social sciences after enrolling in a class on Mexican history. After receiving his M.A. in international studies from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.B.A from the university’s Wharton School, he went on to found Gramercy, a global investment management firm focused on emerging markets.

Robert S. Koenigsberger
Robert S. Koenigsberger, ’87

His passion for global business and desire to support graduate students in the Division of Social Sciences at UC San Diego led him to establish the Robert S. Koenigsberger Chancellor’s Fellowship and Gramercy Fellowship in Emerging Markets, which focuses on helping students interested in international affairs. The fellowships provide significant financial support to graduate students, as well as confer a singular honor that will ultimately advance their careers.

“I wanted to ensure that the Division of Social Sciences could continue to attract the best graduate talent possible,” said Koenigsberger about establishing the fellowships. “I chose to specify developing countries in an effort to encourage and support UC San Diego’s leadership role in this area, and because I also want to contribute to the countries where Gramercy does business.”

Robert S. Koenigsberger Chancellor’s Fellow

Jane Lilly, Immigration Policy

jane-lilly.jpgLilly received a B.A. in urban studies from Stanford University and an M.A in evidence-based social work and social interventions from Oxford University. Currently a fellow at UC San Diego, Lilly is researching immigration policy, especially as it relates to Latin America.

The Koenigsberger Chancellor’s Fellowship provided Lilly with the opportunity to collaborate with leaders in the social sciences and network with others in related fields. As she continues her studies, she hopes to collaborate with other individuals in U.S.-Mexico policy design.

Gramercy Fellows

Vineeta Singh, Ethnic and Critical Gender Studies


A graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, Singh decided to spend her first year after college living in Guatemala City. Her commitment to volunteerism and culture are evident in her research on surrogate motherhood and womanhood in north India and Mexico City.

The Gramercy Fellowship allowed Singh to accept UC San Diego’s offer of admission and continue studying in the fields that interested her. Under the mentorship of Kalindi Vora, an assistant professor in ethnic studies, Singh intends to utilize the award to prepare to work with global populations and emerging markets.

Nicholas Obradovich, Political Science


A graduate of Santa Clara University, Obradovich received a B.S. in economics and environmental studies, and earned the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University. While in England, he observed country-level politics and policy implementation.

Thanks to the Gramercy Fellowship, Obradovich is able to attend UC San Diego and study under the mentorship of Clark Gibson, professor of political science. With a focus on political dynamics and climate in sub-Saharan Africa, Obradovich finds himself at home among UC San Diego’s strong Africanist academics.