UC San Diego’s Division of Social Sciences is a diverse collection of outstanding departments, programs and research units that focus on some of the most pressing and important issues of our time. The division does work that matters, now and to the future.

The Division's contributions include:

  • Graduating nearly 50 percent of UC San Diego’s undergraduates
  • Developing one of the most effective behavioral treatments for autism
  • Studying the causes and impacts of terrorism
  • Connecting to the region through 500 community-based programs
  • Cleaning toxic waste along San Diego’s border
  • Exploring and harnessing the power of social contagion
  • Changing education of the deaf
  • Investigating the remarkable plasticity of the human brain
  • Monitoring elections and improving governance
  • Helping reduce harmful social practices
  • Preserving endangered languages
  • Saving world heritage sites for future generations

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