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Schoolchildren working together - photo by Erik JepsenZeroing in on Social Inequality

The division’s Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research is dedicated to developing practical solutions for our nation’s most pressing problems. The center has zeroed in on inequality as a primary focus, which has also become a major point of public attention and concern. Faculty, students and community members affiliated with the Yankelovich Center are working together across disciplines to narrow the opportunity gaps in education, jobs, health care and more.

Narrowing the Opportunity Gaps

The center is working to identify the most effective strategies for unblocking the paths of social mobility in the United States, with an Upward Mobility Commission putting together an evidence-based report on the relative merits of various strategies. Yankelovich Center Director John Skrentny plans to take the commission's scholarly findings out to the public and, in partnership with Public Agenda, a non-partisan nonprofit in New York, test which solutions have the most promise in terms of political feasibility and public support.

Our Public Mandate

Also working on narrowing a variety of opportunity gaps are the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, the Center for Research on Gender in the Professions and CREATE, the Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence, among many others. It is fair to say that the division as a whole and its research centers – along with multiple individual researchers – take seriously our public mandate. We are committed to serving society.