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Students hold signs identifying their global health concernsSolving Real-World Problems

Like most of our departments and programs, Global Health offers students the chance to address the pressing issues of our time and work on solving real-world problems.

Did You Know?

Nearly 40 percent of UC San Diego undergraduates earn a degree in social sciences. We believe a part of the reason is the wealth of opportunities to make a difference.

Interdisciplinary, Collaborative

The Division of Social Sciences was founded with the goal of increasing interdisciplinary collaboration. And the growing Global Health major is one of many in our division that bring together coursework and faculty from throughout the university. Other examples include Human Development and Urban Studies and Planning.

Our departments and programs encourage students to go out in the world – to explore as a scholar and grow as a citizen.  We value internships and community service. Almost 500 community-based programs connect students and faculty in the Division of Social Sciences with schools, industry, local and state government, and non-profit organizations in the San Diego region and beyond.