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Urban Studies and Planning Program

USP 177: Urban Design Practicum

Description: This course is designed to introduce the student to the theory and practice of urban design, the form of the built environment, and how it is created. There is an emphasis on the development within a larger urban context. This course includes lectures, weekly readings, class discussions, studio exercises, and guest speaker presentations. Lectures and discussions focus on assigned readings and studio exercises. Guest speakers show the application of urban design principles as illustrated by their work. The objective is to develop physical planning and urban design solutions in real-world situations. Included are hands-on design exercises in the studio that lead up to the mid-term and final project and culminating in the preparation of a case study . precinct plan. This course sequentially builds upon theoretical material covered in class to allow students to apply concepts to a case study and further explore how to develop a physical design. This course is not intended to turn students into designers; rather, by engaging in the urban design process, it is expected that the students become more versatile planners and more effective partners with the design professions. This course includes basic instruction on reading plans, drawing conventions and tools, as well as presentation and communication techniques. Since Fall 2009, students have been working in the Little Italy section of San Diego within the jurisdictions of the Centre City Development Corporation and the San Diego Unified Port District.

Where in the Community:

Little Italy section of Downtown, San Diego
Between West Ivy Street on the north, San Diego Bay on the west, West Fir Street on the south, and Interstate 5 on the east

Centre City Development Corporation
401 B Street
San Diego, CA 92101-4298

Prerequisite: upper-division standing or consent of instructor.

Student Participation: 25 per quarter

Instructor: Sue Peerson

URL: http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/courses/USP.html, http://usp.ucsd.edu/internships/internmain.html, and www.ccdc.com

Opportunities for Student Community Involvement