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Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS)

Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP)

Description: The MMFRP is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students who want an in-depth, hands-on research experience focused on international migration. Students involved in MMFRP consistently report that their participation in this program is a life-changing experience, as they gain an understanding of the Mexico-to-U.S. migration experience that could never have been obtained in a typical classroom environment. Students will receive 20 units off academic credit for three quarters of participation. The sequence of courses is:

  • SOC 122A: Field Research Methods for Migration Studies: Seminar (Fall Quarter)
  • SOC 122B: Field Research Methods for Migration Studies: Practicum (Winter Quarter)
  • SOC 122C: Field Research Methods for Migration Studies: Data Analysis (Spring Quarter).

Where in the Community:

United States

  • Union City, California
  • Vista, California
  • Inglewood, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Anaheim, California
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


  • Tlacuitapa, Jalisco
  • San Miguel Tlacotepec, Oaxaca
  • Tunkas, Yucatan

Students Participating: 15-20 students per year

Prerequisites: Conversational proficiency in Spanish

URL: http://ccis.ucsd.edu/programs/mmfrp/

Student comments/reflections:http://ccis.ucsd.edu/programs/mmfrp/studentexperience

Opportunities for Student Community Involvement