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COMT 115/HDP 115: Media and Design/Social Learning Contexts

Description: A combined lecture/lab course cross listed in Communication and Human Development Students attend lecture, write fieldnotes, and spend 3 hours per week in specially designed afterschool setting working with children and designing new educational media and producing special projects. Students are (a) taught cognitive ethnographic field methods and theories of human development and communication, and (b) asked to draw on these approaches in the design and implementation of a field research project (typically case studies or projects focusing on the design of activities that mix play and learning). Students are required to visit (4hrs/week) an after-school learning center located in a federally-subsidized housing complex in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Southeastern San Diego. At the end of the quarter the students use their own and other's field notes as a source of data for their final projects. In addition to their field notes and final projects, students are required to write a final reflection paper describing their overall experience at the after-school center; prepare presentations to explain course readings; complete quizzes on the course readings. Partnered with UC Links and the Fifth Dimension Project.

Where in the Community:

Town and Country Learning Center
Southeast San Diego

Persons in Charge:Michael Cole, Camille Campion, Rachel Cody, David Gonzalez, Robert Lecusay, Tamara Powell, Normita Rodriguez, Ivan Rosero.

Students Participating: 20 per quarter, 3 quarters per year

Prerequisites:Communication students: must have completed COHI 100 or consent of the instructor. Human Development Students: must have completed HDP 1 or consent of the instructor.

URL: http://communication.ucsd.edu/rlecusay/comt115sp10/index.html and http://lchc.ucsd.edu/Projects/courses/LCHCpracticums.html#uda

Additional URLs: http://uclinks.berkeley.edu and http://communication.ucsd.edu/5thd.manual/Startmenu.htm

After-school center website showcasing collaborative digital media projects produced by the after-school center youth and the visiting UCSD undergraduate mentors: http://www.tclearninglounge.org

Student Comments/Reflections: http://lchc.ucsd.edu/Projects/courses/LCHCpracticums.html#uda

Opportunities for Student Community Involvement