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LIGN 199: Independent Study

LIGN199 provides undergraduates with the opportunity to participate in linguistic research conducted in the Department of Linguistics, both by graduate students and faculty members. This is an excellent opportunity to see how research is conducted, and it provides foundational training for graduate school. Students assist in running experiments, analyzing data, or participating in field research. LIGN199 is taken for Pass/No Pass. Students may take more than one LIGN199, but may only count one quarter of LIGN199 towards their major or minor.

Opportunities for each quarter will be posted here with contact information.

Where in the Community: Most students in LIGN199 work in professors. labs on campus, but there have been some opportunities off-campus. Following is a recent off-campus project that involved two undergraduate students.

The Border Spanish Project: The Border Spanish Project is a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary project of the Department of Linguistics at the University of California San Diego to study the sociolinguistic and theoretical issues that arise in the varieties of Spanish spoken in the San Diego-Tijuana border region. The purpose of this two-year project is to begin to document the varieties of Spanish commonly spoken both in San Diego County in proximity to the US-Mexican border and in Tijuana.

Requirements: For conducting interviews, must be a Native or Heritage Spanish speaker from the San Diego-Tijuana region. For transcribing interviews, must have near-native fluency in Spanish, ideally from the San-Diego-Tijuana region, and good command of written Spanish. For coding, must have a background in linguistics, fluency in Spanish.

Professor: Dr. John Moore

Prerequisite: consent of instructor

Students Participating: 33 total for 2009/2010

Email: johnmoore@ucsd.edu

URL: http://grammar.ucsd.edu/labs/fieldlab/Border-Spanish/index.html

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