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Division of Social Sciences Staff Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Human Resource Contact: Departments should contact Marcele Maia, HR Sr. Employment Advisor at x44116 for recruitment issues on PSS titles within Academic Affairs area and/or Patty Vera, Divisional Hr Specialist (Patty Vera, x46266) on job requisitions issues.

DSS Hiring Freeze Guidelines: Detailed guidelines Hiring requests must be approved by and forwarded to Barbara Fager, bfager@ucsd.edu for review by the Dean’s office. Requests will be reviewed, evaluated and decided upon on a case basis. The Dean’s office will make it a priority to review exception requests as expeditiously as possible. In addition, Barbara Fager should be listed as an endorser for all HireOnline employment requisitions forwarded to central HR for positions to be paid from core funds. Recruiters in the Employment unit will not take action on requisitions until this endorsement is obtained.

External Recruitment: The Dean's Office may provide funding to allow departments to conduct a broader search in order to attract a more diverse applicant pool.

Division of Social Sciences Salary Approval for Staff Hires: HireOnline provides you with all of the tools and resources required to manage the entire hiring process. My Dashboard within HireOnline site allows you easy access to manage requisitions that you have access to, review candidates as a member of a committee, and submit approvals. All HireOnline Selection/Offers must be endorsed by the Deans Office prior to submission to Central HR.

To help expedite offers and assure consistency please adhere to the following steps outlined on Making an Offer to route to Dean's Office for Endorsement forward approvel to Barbara Fager. Once the Dean's office has reviewed and endorsed the Selection Report and Offer amount it will be sent automatically to Central HR for final approval.

Once you have your successful hire, please send the name of your new employee to Patty Vera (pvera@ucsd.edu) so she can add him/her to the appropriate DSS listserve(s).

Division of Social Sciences Salary-Setting for Non-Represented Staff Chart

New Hires: Dean’s Office has authority up to the mid-point (Barb Fager or Joanna Mancusi); HR-Compensation (Melody Chiles) has authority above mid-point.

Upward reclassification: Dean's Office (Joanna Mancusi) has authority.

Equity: Dean's office has authority up to the mid-point (Barb Fager or Joanna Mancusi), EVCAA (Linda Thai Scholssman) has authority above mid-point for PSS positions. EVCAA (Linda Thai Scholssman) has authority for all MSP positions. See matrix

Equity increases may be granted for the following reasons:

An internal inequity between two or more positions

Assignments of higher-level functions that do not warrant reclassification to a higher salary grade.

Position-related skill acquisition that represents more than normal job growth.

External market factors as evidenced by a valid salary, recruitment and retention experience, etc.


Campus Human Resources - Compensation (Melody Chiles) has the authority to approve equity increases for all represented staff.

Lateral Reclass: Dean's office has authority up to the mid-point; EVCAA (Linda Thai Scholssman) has authority above mid-point.

Lateral Transfer: EVCAA (Linda Thai Scholssman) has authority (this is always an exceptional situation).

Reclassification/Equity/Salary setting contact: Barb Fager at bfager@ucsd.edu or x4-0201.

Delegations of Authority for HR Functions in Academic Affairs

Equity Increases
General Rules of Salary Authority