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Division of Social Sciences Classification Committee

Classification Committee Members 

Patty Vera, pvera@ucsd.edu - Dean's Office

Ramona Mason, rmason@ucsd.edu - CREATE

Barbara Fager, bfager@ucsd.edu - Dean's Office

The Divisional Classification Committee Meetings are scheduled as needed, in SSB 501.

Please submit classification material at least one week in advance of schedules meeting date.

Procedure for Classification/ Reclassification

Please refer to Academic Affairs for procedure for classifications and reclassifications. Divisional authority classification requests should be submitted to Barbara Fager at bfager@ucsd.edu. All other classifications requests should go to Linda Thai Schlossman at ltai@ucsd.edu.

Delegated Authority

Social Sciences Departments have authority to classify all represented titles. The Social Sceinces Classification Committee classify PAA titles in Grades 1-4. All PSS titles in Grade 5 and above are classifed by PARC, with exception of certain titles, for which the division has authority to classify.

Division of Social Sciences Approved Delegation List

The Assistant Dean has additional delegated authority to classify for all departments and units within the division.

Social Sciences business officers have authority to classify only represented positions. All other delegated classifications are classified by the Assistant Dean of Social Sciences (Classification Committee).

Contact: Barb Fager, bfager@ucsd.edu

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