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Academic Leaves of Absence and Sabbaticals

All types of leaves must be requested and approved prior to the leave start date. Faculty must inform their Chair and departmental AP contact prior to the leave in order for applicable paperwork to be processed 
at the departmental level and/or Dean's level. 

Sabbatical leaves for Ladder-Ranked and Tenure-Track faculty must be requested one quarter prior to the leave occuring or at least thirty (30) calendar days before the quarter pay period start date e.g. If an appointee wishes to take a full sabbatical leave during the fall quarter, the appointee must request the sabbatical leave the spring quarter before the requested quarter leave or 30 days prior to the fall quarter pay period start date (6/1 for 7/1 start date). 

Division of Social Sciences Dean's Authority

Leave requests (with and without pay) for 15 calendar days to one year and sabbatical requests are the Dean's authority.

Leave requests (with and without pay) up to ten service days, or 14 calendar days, are the Department Chairs' authority.

The Executive Vice Chancellor retains authority for leave requests in excess of one year and exceptions to University and campus policies. Leave requests for the Dean or the Executive Vice Chancellor's approval should be routed through the Academic Personnel Unit in the Dean's Office (dssdoi@ucsd.edu) via the Departmental AP Office.

EVC-AP Notices Regarding Leaves of Absence and Sabbaticals

EVC-AP Announcement - 11/6/2014:

Sabbatical Credits

Effective November 1, 2014, deans will have authority to advance up to one year’s worth of unearned sabbatical credit to ladder-rank faculty (3 credits for LRF with academic-year appointments at 50% time or more and 4 for LRF with fiscal-year appointments at 50% time or more).  The request should be for a compelling reason and the faculty member should:

  • have advanced in rank or step at the last academic review
  • be continuing to fulfill his or her approved teaching load
  • be providing University service commensurate with his or her rank and step
  • be maintaining a position as a leader in his or her field of research
  • be maintaining all research contracts and grants in good standing (e.g., no outstanding agency reports or accounts in deficit)
  • be fulfilling graduate student support and training obligations
  • be in compliance with reporting and training requirements

 There will no longer be a maximum on the number of credits which may be accrued.


Academic Leave of Absence/Sabbatical Form (ALAS)

Sabbatical Accrual Worksheet [MS EXCEL]

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