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Entry Level Salary Agreement (ELSA)

Effective January 2016, requests for new Entry Level Salary Agreements (ELSA) should be submitted using the ELSA Form which replaces the need for a department letter.  A specific market off-scale component (MOS) will be approved for the entire ELSA period and will not be adjusted by any salary program (e.g. range adjustment) that occurs during the approved period of the ELSA.

When you are ready to make an offer to a prospective faculty member, the approved MOS component will be added to the scale in effect at the time the offer is made.  The total salary offered will be considered to be at market and will not be further adjusted by any salary program that is implemented before or on the date that the faculty member begins service (summer service excluded). 

ELSA requests are due to the Academic Personnel Dean's Office - Division of Social Sciences by September 30 of the academic year prior to which the ELSA will take effect. This also applies to expiring ELSA agreements. Any ELSA due for renewal must be processed at the Department's request in order to continue to offer the MOS component approved by the ELSA program. 

Please contact Kelly Maheu, Director, Academic Compensation, at kmaheu@ucsd.edu, with any questions. 

Entry Level Salary Agreements (ELSA) Form. 

Entry Level Salary Agreement (ELSA) Instructions.