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Conflict of Commitment (APM 025)

The annual APM 025 reporting is meant to identify outside activities, compensated and uncompensated, that may represent a conflict of commitment. 

APM 025 Disclosure forms are due to the Dean's Office no later than September 30th of each calendar year for the preceeding academic year. 

Category I - Requires prior approval from the Executive Vice Chancellor 

These activities are likely on their face to raise issues of conflict of commitment. In order to engage in such activities while an active member of the faculty, the faculty member must make a written request (see APM - 025 policy below for a complete description, and prior approval form listed below) to the Chancellor or Chancellor's designee(s) and receive written approval.

Requests must be submitted and approved annually, unless approved for a longer term, which may not exceed five years. Prior approval does not affect the scope of annual reports of professional activities. If permitted, Category I activities are counted within the 39/48-day time limit and must be reported annually (see APM - 025, and Report of Category I and II form below) activities are the most likely to represent a conflict of commitment and require prior approval.

Category II

These activities are unlikely to raise issues of conflict of commitment and are ordinarily accepted as regularly performed compensated outside professional activities. Because of this, they are ordinarily allowable without prior approval. Category II activities are counted within the 39/48-day time limit and must be reported annually (see APM - 025,and Report of Category I and II form below).

Category III

These activities are integral to all disciplines and ordinarily do not present issues of conflict of commitment. They are accepted as part of the faculty member's scholarly and creative work. Even if compensated, they are allowable and not counted within the 39/48-day limit. Category III activities do not need to be reported annually; however, the Chancellor or his or her designee(s) may under certain circumstances ask for information about them (see Additional Relevant Information, APM-025-20-c).

  1. APM 025 Policy [pdf]
  2. Prior Approval for Compensated Outside Professional Activities (Category I) [pdf]
  3. Disclosure Form for Category I & II Outside Activities [pdf]