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Course Buyout Program

The DSS Course Buyout Program is a program enabling faculty members to expand the time available for research and other scholarly duties. 

General Guidelines

Faculty may use extramural dollars to buy out two courses per year, at the rate of 1/3 of the participant's annual salary.

The department will receive 100% of the released salary, of which a portion must be used to replace the participant's uncovered courses.

Participants in the course buyout must teach two courses during the year, at least one of which must be an undergraduate course (size and content to be determined by departmental needs).

Participants in the program should in no way reduce the service commitment of the faculty member. The faculty member must remain on campus for the duration of the buyout, with the exception of standard leaves of absence within policy. Any exceptions require Executive Vice Chancellor approval.

Request Course Buyout Program [pdf]

Request Course Buyout Program Modification/Cancellation [pdf]

Faculty Salary Exchange Program (FSEP)

FSEP allows faculty to achieve salary savings by redirecting salary from FTE funds to grant funds. This is different from the DSS Course Buyout Program because it does not involve relieving the faculty member from his or her normal teaching assignment and generally involves charging a much lower amount to the grants. 

General Guidelines

Requests must be received by the Dean's Office at least 30 days prior to the effective date for FSEP. The begin date is always the first day of the month. 

Faculty may pay a portion of their academic year salary on extramural funds and retain 100% of their released salary.

Compensation effort from extramural sources should not exceed 50% time in an academic year.

The released funds must be used by the faculty member in support of temporary research needs.

Participation in the program should in no way reduce the teaching and service commitment of the faculty member.

Request Faculty Salary Exchange Program [pdf]

Note: Neither the DSS Course Buyout Program nor FSEP may be requested during a sabbatical. The end result of being partially on sabbatical and partially on research funds can be achieved by taking a partial sabbatical and with the remaining time supplemented with research support. Depending on what the research supplement is, the sabbatical would not necessarily have to be in-residence.